• Protein Factor

    Somewhere in the happy medium between a mass gainer shake and overnight oats
  • Sweetness Factor

    Neither cardboard nor dessert, it's somewhere in the elusive and ever delicious middle.
  • Easiness Factor

    Breakfast made easy.
  • Fullness Factor

    How to say goodbye to midmorning hunger✌🏽
  • Feed The Brave

    April 1st - 8th Brave Is Donating 10% of Revenue to Meals On Wheels Bravest of Friends, What a crazy few weeks it has been. We hope you and your...
  • Brave Bunker Recipes

    Working from home has some advantages; colleagues can't judge you for working in slippers, you can sneak a workout in midday, you're also not rushi...
  • How a Dietician Makes Sense of Diet Trends

    To start, I always suggest that people create a sort of ‘food diary’. On the left side of the diary, you write down what foods you’re eating at what time and on the right side you write how you feel after eating them. Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll begin to pick up on trends.
  • Cooper's Favorite Toppings

    As you might imagine, after two years I’m a pretty seasoned Brave Overnight Breakfast eater. Sometimes I find that our Overnight Breakfast is best consumed on its own. Other times, though, we like to spice it up with additional toppings. Here are my favorite Brave toppings for each flavor: 

  • 7 Tips for Working Out in the Morning: Without Being Miserable

    I'm Alex, Brave Co-founder and morning workout person. Before you dismiss me as lycra wearing annoyance, hear me out. I'm like you. I also stare d...
  • Brave CEO's Optimized Morning Routine

    If you’re anything like us, you may find yourself asking “how can I look, feel, and perform the best with the time, energy and money that I have”? The morning routine is a common theme in the self-help and wellness movements. I’m going to share what my morning routine looks like, not because it’s bulletproof but because it works for me and pieces of it might work for you too
  • What is Brave?

    Optimum Plant-Based Nutrition Our Overnight Breakfast was designed ingredient by ingredient to provide you with the nutrition your body needs to st...
  • Brave Origins

    In the summer of 2017 I was adjusting to the long hours of my first job out of college as a consultant. My active lifestyle was replaced by a ser...