Modern Breakfast for Busy Humans

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Three Primo Flavors

We're not afraid of an adventure. We're afraid of a boring breakfast. Find your flavor of Brave.

Brave In The Wild

"The macros in Brave’s Overnight Breakfast are perfect for hitting my gym goals."

Zach, Chicago

“It’s nice to actually know how to pronounce all of the ingredients in my breakfast for a change. It’s clear that Brave uses high quality ingredients.”

Allie, Manhattan

"Brave hits on all my nutrition principles: no added sugar or dairy and tons of protein and healthy fats."

David, Los Angeles

"I started using the extra time I save in the morning to go to yoga, and it’s added some much needed balance to my life."

Lily, Brooklyn

"I like to make Brave in a mason jar and bring it with me to work so I can eat it at my desk while I sip my morning cup of coffee."

Evan, San Francisco