Brave Breakfast Keeps You Full 'Till Lunch

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We made Brave to keep you fueled and focused on the adventure ahead. When you eat Brave, you will be full 'till lunch. How are we so sure? We crafted Brave with intelligently balanced macro nutrients and a portion size fit for go-getters. We don't skimp and we don't compromise. 


Have you ever eaten a bowl of oatmeal and been hungry an hour and a half later? This is probably because you didn’t get enough protein at breakfast. Protein is essential in blood sugar regulation which promotes the feeling of fullness. There’s a wide variety of plant-based foods that are high in protein including; beans, peas, lentils, grains, nuts, and seeds. It's best to get your protein from these whole foods but protein powders can help in a pinch. Quality matters too so look for organic. Brave breakfasts have 20g of protein from whole food organic ingredients.


450-480 calories from whole ingredients is ideal for those of you with an active lifestyle. If you’re into intermittent fasting, Brave makes for a super satisfying conclusion to your fast and tastes just as good in the afternoon as it does in the morning. Sometimes after a hard workout or before an especially adventurous day, you may want to increase your fuel intake. Just add a scoop of Brave nut butter for a clean power-up to your breakfast.


High fiber foods take longer to digest, making you feel full for longer. Each Overnight Breakfast has between 12-14 grams of fiber. That’s nearly half your minimum daily fiber needs, in one meal. Typical oatmeal and overnight oats products have just half that, somewhere between 5-7 grams of fiber.

Healthy fats

Healthy fats like omega-3 and omega-6 help to regulate your appetite by controlling the release of appetite-increasing hormones. It’s tricky to find fatty acids from plant-based sources but chia seeds, hemp hearts, and walnuts are full of them. We’ve got all of three of these Omega-3 rich whole foods in Brave.

Low sugar

Eating too much sugar can significantly increase levels of hunger-promoting hormones and decrease appetite-suppressing hormones. We add zero sugar to our breakfast and make sure that our naturally sweetened flavors are all at or below 10 grams of overall sugar.

No additives

The additives found in many packaged foods help keep the product on shelves for longer but can actually damage the sensitive lining of your gut. Messing with your gut lining interrupts the signals between your stomach and your brain telling you to stop eating. Brave is completely free from all additives, especially those emulsifiers that interrupt satiation. 

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