About Us

 Brothers on a mission to get first tracks

When a skier is the first on the mountain after a storm they get to carve a line into a slope of untouched snow. This rare moment of skiing nirvana is called “first tracks”. For brothers, Cooper and Alex, the pursuit of first tracks led them to create Brave.

Brave’s story began in mid-coast Maine where Cooper and Alex grew up surrounded by ocean on one side and mountains on the other. As brothers around the same age, they had a healthy rivalry and always pushed each other to take on bigger and bigger challenges. When they moved to Colorado together, they set their sights higher to the peaks of the Rockies. They challenged each other for who could rack up the most ski days or the most epic backpacking trip but the ultimate goal was getting first tracks on a powder day. 

In their pursuit of first tracks, one thing stood in their way. They couldn’t get out of the door quickly with a real plant-based breakfast that would keep them fueled for the ambitious day ahead. 

This problem didn’t go away when Alex moved to NYC and Cooper moved to Oakland to begin their careers. Their morning routines were still holding them back from advancing their careers while also finding time to pursue adventures in and outside of the city. So, they finally decided to do something about it.

The first Brave recipes were tested in Cooper’s 300 sq foot apartment in Oakland. Without any funding, they had no choice but to keep the recipes simple. They experimented with plant-based, organic ingredients from natural foods stores in their neighborhood to dial in the right flavor, fuel, and convenience. After hundreds of iterations and refinements from chefs and nutritionists, Brave is proud to say that our recipes remain simple (in the best way possible). Cooper and Alex are making the products they always wanted.

What started as a search for a better morning routine has evolved into a small business serving thousands of go-getters of every stripe. We’re excited to share Brave with you and hope it gives you more time and energy for the things you love or have always wanted to try.

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