About Us


The story of Brave begins in the summer of 2017. Ryan (middle) was living in Portland, Maine and struggling to find the right breakfast routine. He found himself searching for a breakfast that was quick to make, made of ‘whole’, plant-based foods and had the protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep him fueled until lunch. Everything he found required waking up earlier than he wanted and standing over the stove for 30 minutes or meant he was hungry again by 10 am. Nothing seemed to work. 

Finally, Ryan started making proto-Brave and found the extra time and energy in the morning to be transformational. Ryan shared his idea with his family, Alex, Des and Cooper. Fancying himself the chef of the group, Cooper went work on the recipes. 

What started as a search for a better morning routine has turned into a small business. Our hope now is that Brave gives you more time and energy for the things you love or have always wanted to try.