About Us

The five members of the Brave team lead different lives – student, small business owner, consultant, and techies, but our core motivations are the same. Day in and day out, we are determined to find the time and energy to improve our health. We created Brave because we are tired of sacrificing our health for the countless hours spent sitting behind a computer. We searched far and wide for a healthy breakfast that was quick to make, but everything required waking up at the crack of dawn and standing over the stove for 45 minutes.

That’s when we started making overnight activated breakfasts. We found that overnight breakfasts take 10 seconds to prepare, allow us to coast until lunch on a full stomach, and fuel our evening workouts. We shared the recipe with our close friends and family, and they loved it as much as we did. We created these recipes for ourselves, and we are launching Brave together to bring our life-changing breakfast to you.