Organic Gluten-free Oats from Golden Prairie

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Each Overnight Breakfast flavor is built on a foundation of three organic superfoods; hemp hearts, chia seeds, and gluten free rolled oats. Because organic gluten free oats are an important part of Overnight Breakfast, we knew we had to find a great supplier. We are thrilled to partner with Golden Prairie Oats. 

Golden Prairie Oats

Since 1985, Jean and Randy Heidiger of Golden Prairie Oats have been farming the lands of the west and northwestern United States following organic farming best practices. 

“To feed people with the high quality food available is the most important thing in the world to me.” - Jean Heidiger

Starting with a small plot of land in Montana, their farm has grown thousands of acres and stretched across multiple states. While the Heidigers didn’t start out to grow a large operation, being big while maintaining organic practices has been incredibly rewarding.

“I’m an old hippie to be honest. I’m committed to helping the planet, my family and my community. I think we’re proof that organic oat farming can be a healthy and sustainable business if you treat your land and end product with great respect.”

For Golden Prairie, treating their land and product with respect means a few things

  • Never using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides
  • Always using cover crops to maintain soil health and avoid soil wind erosion 
  • Minimal soil tillage
  • Using manure from a local organic dairy farm to mimic animal pasture grazing and to boost soil health

Beyond providing Brave and other’s with the highest quality organic gluten-free oats, Jean and Randy love to educate their community on organic farming. 

“I teach at the business school here at Colorado State University and we’re always hosting classes from the school to our farm. It’s our duty to pass on the knowledge we’re gained over the last 35+ years to the next generation of organic farmers.” 

Brave is proud to partner with a company like Golden Prairie Oats and provide our customers with the very best organic gluten free oats available.

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