Benefits of Delicious Organic Mango

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Mangos deliver more than just a burst of tropical sweetness, they’re packed with Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. 

The organic dried mangos we use in Brave are sourced from farms in Sinaloa, Mexico and are grown with organic farming best practices which means minimal soil disturbance, a focus on crop diversity, and no use of pesticides or herbicides. Our mango farmers believe as we do in the benefits of promoting organic farming within their communities. 

Organic mangos come in many sizes and varieties so you may notice subtle color, taste and texture differences. Bonus points if you can recognize which bite contains one of the three varieties we use; Kent, Keith, or Ataulfo. 

While fresh mangos are delicious, they can be difficult to cut, a bit of a mess to eat and don’t last very long once ripe and off the vine. Luckily dried mangos are just as delicious and nutrient dense and are also portable! When buying dried mangos look for those that say ‘unsweetened dried mango’. This will help ensure there are no added sugars or preservatives snuck in there. At Brave we will always use unprocessed and unsweetened ingredients as close to their natural state as possible.

Turning a delicious ripe mango into the yummy bits of dried mango you enjoy in Brave is a surprisingly simple process. Once ripe, the mangos are picked, peeled, cut and then air dried in large racks to capture the most flavor and nutrients possible. Finally, once dried, they are cut again specially for Brave into the perfect bite size pieces you finally get in Toasted Coconut Mango. 

Mangos deliver on all fronts, they’re bursting with tropical goodness and packed with Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. Mangos are a stone fruit - one hard seed surrounded by the fruit - that originally grew in India over 5,000 years ago and were brought to the Americas around 1880. Mangos are grown on deep-rooted evergreen trees that can grow up to 90 ft tall with canopies over 80 ft wide! Luckily for those in the U.S., Mexico is one of the largest mango exporting countries in the world and provides the US with over 80% of the mangos we eat. This means relatively little travel time and peak freshness. 

If you’ve made your way through a packet of Toasted Coconut Mango before, you will have noticed tart and sweet bursts of organic dried mango. We wanted the flavor to make you feel like you were waking up on a beach vacation, everyday so we knew Mangos had to be in there.

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