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This is a conversation that took place between Cooper FitzGerald from Brave and Craig Lindell from [P]Rehab. Craig, Arash, and Michael have a wealth of knowledge and experience in physical therapy and strength and conditioning. Their Instagram is a must follow for quick, easy to digest exercises to make sure you're healthy, strong and injury free. 

CF: First, how do you define 'mobility'? 

CL: Mobility is the amount of motion that is available at a joint, for example, ankle dorsiflexion mobility is looking at motion available at the talocrural joint of the ankle. The point of mobility work would be to increase the available motion at any given joint to maintain the health and longevity of your body, as mobility is something that tends to decline with age.

CF: How do you warm up before a mobility session?

CL: Dynamic warm up/dynamic movement is best. It can be as simple as walking - just get your body temperature up.

CF: What areas of the body do you focus on? Does that change?

CL: It's all about listening to your body! My mobility routine changes based on the physical demands I am imposing on my body. I have a few go-to movements I strive to perform daily, but other than that I listen to my body and feed it what it wants when it wants it.

CF: How long are your mobility sessions? How many mobility sessions per week do you aim for?

CL: 15-20 minutes if it is true dedicated mobility work, but it all depends. In terms of frequency - this typically runs parallel with how often I am training - the more I workout, the more I take care of my body.

CF: We hear a lot about the importance of mobility these days. Of all the movements out there, what are your top three favorite mobility exercises? 

CL: These are the best bang-for-your-buck full body mobility movements you can do:

1. Downward dog to upward dog

2. World's greatest stretch

3. Sunrise salute

Step-by-step video instructions for each movement can be found here.

CF: Anything else you think is important to know about mobility?

CL: Listen to your body. Feed it what it wants in terms of movement (our bodies are pretty good at telling us what they want and need). If you haven't started a mobility routine, worry much less about WHAT exercises you should be doing and just get moving. That is the first hurdle. When you want and need more guidance, we have plenty of content to help point you in the right direction!

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