Eating Overnight Breakfast while Camping this Summer

Posted by Alex FitzGerald on

We were inspired by our recent feature in Elevation Outdoors Magazine to quickly talk about the best ways to bring Overnight Breakfast with you while car camping, base camping or on long car rides to your next adventure. 

1. Use water if you need to. Just add 3/4 - 1 cup water and activate overnight per usual.

2. Bring a cooler. Any cooler will do. This is where you'll store your Overnight Breakfast as it's activating overnight. You can also leave it outside if you're at high enough elevation that critters won't bother you!

3. Warm it up. If it's a cold morning out there and you want something warm, Overnight Breakfast is delicious hot. Activate overnight as normal and heat on your stove top until warm throughout. 

Enjoy those summer outings!

PS. One Brave customer recently said they activated their Mocha Chip with cold brew coffee before a hike. Apparently it was delicious and they got to the top of the mountain in record time. Might be worth a try 🙂

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