A Ride Around NYC with Ella Genasci Smith

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For most New Yorkers, weekend outings are a must. They take the train to the Hudson River Valley and Long Island to escape the concrete expanse.

Ella Genasci Smith, Team USA Triathlete, full-time ‘techie’ at Spotify, and Brave Squad member escapes on the weekends on a slightly different mode of transportation: her road bike. Ella rides 50+ miles from her apartment in Brooklyn out to Coney Island, The Rockaways, and back.

Ella wakes up anywhere from 5-6 am, about an hour before she hits the road. This gives her time to roll around in bed for 10 minutes (a must), have a cup of coffee, and do a light stretch and activation routine.

“Sometimes it’s tough getting up that early on the weekend, but racing through the empty boardwalks of Coney Island is totally worth it. I find exploring New York before the hustle begins endlessly interesting. There’s something about removing the normal amount of stimulation that makes you see things differently – I love that.”

The ride takes a total of about 3 hours. “Immediately after, I make a big protein, peanut butter and fruit smoothie or eat a Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Breakfast topped with peanut butter and bananas (as you can tell, I like peanut butter).”

“While I eat my breakfast, I sit in my Air Relax leg sleeves for about 40 mins. By that time, it's 11 am or so and most of my friends will be up and ready to hang out 🙂.”

Follow Ella on Instagram if want to learn more about her journey around New York City, athletics, and all around badassness. And if you’re looking for workout music inspo, her Spotify playlist is a must-follow. 

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