Top 5 Coconut Cashew Pecan Nut Butter Recipes

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Needless to say, we're pretty obsessed with the new Coconut Cashew Pecan Nut Butter. The texture, the subtle sweetness, the saltiness, the depth of the roasted pecans and's all there (in our very biased opinion). 

In addition to being delicious, we wanted the new product to be versatile. We've been trying out different recipes over the past couple months, and these are our top 5:

On Brave - 1-2 TBS on Brave will take your Overnight Breakfast to new heights. It was something like love at first sight. 

Rice cakes - add 1-2 TBS of the nut butter along with your favorite fruits and nuts/seeds and bring your snacking game to a new level.

Fruit - spread on top of your favorite fruit (we love apples and bananas). Dipping your fruit straight into the jar will also do the trick.

PB&J - take whatever nut butter is filling your current PB&J and replace it with Coconut Cashew Pecan Butter. Call it a CCPB&J - rolls right off the tongue doesn't it!?

Straight up! - don't be surprised if you start eating this nut butter straight from the spoon. We've all done it, no judgement here. 



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