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Hey Everyone!

My name is Sarah Piampiano-Lord. I'm a professional triathlete, soon to be mom for the first time, and Brave Squad member! Having been in the endurance sports world for a while now, I've witnessed many cringe-worthy diets come and go. Unfortunately, we haven't shaken them entirely.

There are a couple super common mistakes that I see from both amateur and professional endurance athletes. My guess is that these mistakes are common throughout all athletics and in general life. 

Calorie restriction

Most athletes don't eat enough. When I first started triathlons, I hated the idea of fueling while I was training and racing. So, I would get home feeling shaky and terrible. To add fuel to the fire, when I would finish my race or get home from a training session, I would avoid eating in the hopes of running a caloric deficit to help me lean out - bad idea!

Now that I'm more educated and experienced with nutrition, I probably eat 1,500 to 2,000 more calories per day than before. I also eat during my workouts to stay properly fueled (a must for longer rides or runs). I've never felt better.

Some foods have a bad reputation that shouldn't

It still blows my mind when I see athletes avoid carbs and fat. There's this negative connotation with carbs and fat that really needs to end. When coming from the right sources (nuts, avocados, rice, potatoes, fruit, vegetables) they're not only not bad for you but they're actually an essential part of performance and recovery.

Some of my favorites include: oatmeal (also Brave), quinoa, rice, sweet potato, nut butters, seeds, bagels (I know, a chink in my armor), veggies, and bananas. The point is, welcome carbs and fat into your diet with open arms. 

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