9 Tips for Anyone Looking to Eat Less Meat

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By Shoshana Chaim. 

Wellness Expert | Podcaster | Speaker | Author

Maybe you want to be more plant-based for your health, your athletic endeavors, to lose weight, or to set a good example for family members or friends. Or maybe it’s just what intuitively feels right to you right now. Here are some tips we would like to share to help start that change:

Let us first take you back to a time when Adam and I were complete omnivores. Actually, we probably would have considered ourselves carnivores. We liked to have a veggie at every meal, but we loved our meat. In fact, Adam kept asking for more meat and less vegetarian meals. After all, we were Athletes and needed fuel (cue sarcasm).

Years of working out, playing sports and being personal trainers taught us that protein (or better yet, animal protein) was important but after Adam was told he had a tumour and heart disease we began to ask questions.

Why is this happening to his body? He’s fit, skinny and it doesn’t run in the family. Why is research showing us that eating less animal products and more plant food actually has beneficial healing properties for the body and can impact 80% of illnesses? That led us down the path of becoming 100% plant-based.

While 100% plant-based might not be for you, you may still be wanting to eat less meat and more plant-based.

Here are some tips we would like to share to help start that change:

  1. Add one veggie or fruit to each meal that you normally wouldn’t add to your plate.
  2. Plantify your breakfast - after all it is the most important meal of the day. Think oats, nuts, seeds or spices. 
  3. Have fruits and veggies prepared in the fridge for easy access. That way they are ready and easier to grab and go for any meal or snack.
  4. Make Monday a Meatless Monday dinner. Try out a new recipe each week and when you find one that really works for you, add it into your regular rotation.
  5. Soups. There are so many good soups out there that don’t have a meat-based broth. Try making a new one each week and have them for lunch with a nice piece of sourdough bread or add rice/quinoa.
  6. Make a list of trusted websites where you can bookmark great looking recipes when you have time to browse.
  7. Try out some of the vegetarian or vegan restaurants in town. You will be surprised by the quality and flavors.
  8. Hang out with like-minded people. This is how you will get ideas on what to make and be encouraged by other people with similar goals as yourself.
  9. Find some inspiration in the media around you. We love podcasts, I guess we’re a little bit biased - but there’s some great information and resources all around!

The truth is you can do anything you want to do. So be brave, decide and do it! Write down which of these tips seem doable to you right now. Put sticky notes around the kitchen or office to remind you of your goals. Tell a friend your intentions. Have your friend join you with your new healthy habits. Make a shopping list or order some brave oats online. Do not forget to celebrate your wins.

We hope our tips help you make a change and you find your meals to be diverse, filling, energizing and delicious. There are a lot more tips we have to offer so make sure to follow us @planttrainers and listen to The Plant Trainers Podcast at the link below or anywhere you like to download podcasts.

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