Brave Customer Stories


The Veterinarian ICU Nurse

Megan goes to work every day to save the lives of our favorite furry friends. We chatted with her about how discovering Brave has helped her power through her loooonnnng days.

You're a Veterinarian ICU nurse. What does your typical day look like on the job?

I've been in the veterinary field for probably about 19 years. So pretty, high stress. So I do only work with cats and dogs which just dealing with two species is enough. And on top of that, you know, owners who are pretty emotional. But I also do emergency and critical care.

So it's how I actually got into Brave because two of my coworkers actually also used Brave - not as much as I do - I feel like now it's like a staple of my day. I have to have it. Typically it's a it's a non-stop day so the second you put your stuff down, you know you're you're going for a good 12-13 hours.

I don't really have a lunch. It's in between patient care, if I can take three minutes to gather myself together!

What's your morning routine?

I usually get up around 5:30AM. I usually make cold brew so that I can kind of drink it all day. Then, I use a mason jar and I put some oat milk in it and then pick my flavor [of Brave] of the day, and then it sits in the refrigerator. Sometimes I can get to it by 10AM, sometimes it's more like 2PM.

If you know any sort of hospital setting, you know there is nothing but junk food. So in order to keep yourself off of just door dashing some junk, having things like Brave is better than just not having an option that you want to eat. It's not that old sandwich that you made this morning and you're like, ugh, well of course I'm gonna order out... I don't want to eat that.

What were you typically eating at work before you discovered brave?

I was just kind of doing protein mixes. So it'd just be like the protein powder with added frozen fruit to oat milk or almond milk, and it was blended. It was good, but it didn't keep me full. So that's what I really liked about Brave... it was good, it kept me full, it was easy to store.

You just open the package and dump it in, you know, it's perfect. I mean, the protein shake. We'd have to add it to the Vitamix, so you have to get your container out with the protein milk. You have to get your frozen fruit and that wouldn't chop down all the way so you have to wait for it to defrost a little bit. Yeah, that was much more time.

Favorite Brave Flavor?

The apple spice is actually my favorite. I just like spiced, I like the flavor of that. The texture is what I really like, the fact that there are the nuts and, you know, I kinda like the apple spice because the apple’s a little bit like mushy!