A classic flavor combination and lunchbox staple. We took this childhood favorite and updated it for the modern age. The taste is familiar, the feeling is extraordinary.


Each Brave Overnight Breakfast is built on a foundation of organic oats, chia seeds, and hemp hearts. We then carefully blend tasty morsels of raw fruit, nuts, and a handful of spices for a healthy dose of protein, healthy fats, fiber and flavor.

It's really simple. First, add your Brave packet to a bowl or, better yet, our Brave Jar. Next, use the fill line in the packet to add your favorite milk (or water), shake it up, and put the jar in the fridge to activate overnight. In the morning, your Overnight Breakfast is ready to eat. Just wake up and go.

We try to source our ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. This means minimal processing (the fruit needs to be dried, after all) and no added sugars or preservatives. You'll recognize and be happy to eat all of the ingredients.

We made Brave the size that it is to keep you properly fueled with the right foods for whatever the day may bring. This isn't your average oatmeal that leaves you hungry again two hours later. Say adios to the mid-morning hunger.

Sure can. Simply pour your Brave packet into a jar, add one cup of boiling water, cover and let sit for 2 minutes. Perfect for cold mornings on the trail or in the office.


We keep it simple. Quality all-natural ingredients. No preservatives or chemical compounds. We're all about what feels right. 


Quality all-natural ingredients. No preservatives, chemical compounds, or taste enhancers. Let's just say if Rocky was training for his next fight, he'd probably eat Brave.